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Feeling like a complete failure?

Have you been feeling like a complete failure as of late? I probably don’t even have to describe to you how that feels, because you kind of just know.

You know?

That whatever you are doing is not enough, you aren’t far enough along as you should be, you don’t have life all figured out and seriously why are you still struggling with that issue? If people could see inside your mind they would see what a complete fraud you are.

Those thoughts, stories and way you speak to yourself is not something you are just uncovering. You are all to familiar with the catch cry of ‘not enough’ in your life.

Always feeling like you haven’t done enough, that you are behind, that you aren’t going to reach your goals, so really why even bother?

And the thing that you are really scared of that all those things you think are actually true. What if it’s true?

That might be the scariest thought.

To think that dealing with feelings of ‘not good enough’ were bad enough you then add in a whole extra layer of how your mind likes to trip you up. Your mind then enters into a discussion with, well yourself.

You know the one, where it goes backwards and forwards putting your head into a serious spin. It’s all about “you can’t do this so why bother” and then “no I can do it”. Backwards and forwards, backwards and forwards.

It’s confusing, overwhelming and tiring.

You’re exhausted, I can feel it. I can see it.


Because I have been there, I have been you, and at times of high stress and circumstances I am right back there with you too.

My heart breaks for you as you are held in prison by your own mind.

Cos guess what, your mind is racing a million miles an hour while you are missing what is actually happening right here in front of your right now.

And when you are busy thinking this in your mind, you don’t have the chance to see the truth.

The truth is that we have all been there, and the thoughts and feelings that you are experiencing are not new to you, you aren’t the first person to feel this way and you definitely won’t be the last.

Lately I’ve really been thinking about these concepts and how they play out in my life.

See, I’ve been reflecting on my first ever workshop that I ran in 2014, I had the beautiful support of my dear friend Jade McKenzie to put on this workshop. It was called ‘Learn to be a Balancing Babe’ and after it was all done, I was numb.

I wasn’t impressed, I didn’t meet my goals (or that’s the way I felt) and I definitely didn’t do good enough, or at least that’s what I told myself.

However looking back with that beautiful lens of time and experience I see what an incredible workshop I put on. A huge profit, filling the room with women who were truly ready to ‘Learn to be a Balancing Babe’, so many incredible products coming on board to help me put on this event that have gone on to do such incredible things, like Mi Goals, Greene St Juices, Made with Raw Love chocolate. It was an incredible experience, but there I was turning my nose at it, because it didn’t feel good enough.

And it made me think how many times we dismiss what we have done, created, worked on in our own life thinking it’s not good enough and how this actually jeopardise us receiving more of what we want.

So in regards to my upcoming workshop I am 100% practicing what I preach and looking at how I can determine my own success, how I can be kinder to myself and know that it is enough.

1. Appreciate the f*ck out of everything

Not in a fake way, like in a legitimate, I am so grateful for you booking in your ticket – thank you, for support me and allowing me to help you in your life. Feeling and sending love and gratitude to every single person and every single thing that comes your way. And also celebrating what doesn’t come to you because it’s all apart of it.

Be genuine, how can you appreciate what is happening to you. I don’t want you to say you feel great about things you don’t really, it has to be sincere. So if you don’t really mean it, don’t say it. But look at what are you really loving.

And sometimes it can be I am so proud of myself for continually putting myself out there even though it is uncomfortable. Because boy it can be uncomfortable. That is reason to celebrate.

2. Trust 

In my example, trust that the right people will attend who need to be there. Trust that it is going to be perfect just as it is. Trust that you don’t need to flip the situation.

Trust that everything is as it should be even if you can’t quite figure out why.

Guess what? You don’t have to know why, you don’t have to figure out anything, it’s all about you having faith and trust that what is meant to be will be.

3. Look at the bigger picture

When you are feeling like a failure it is so important to look at the bigger picutre. I love events. workshops and in person events, I know this is going to be a core part of my business, so I am not going to let this one event determine what will or won’t happen for the rest of my life.

It’s not always easy, and sometimes my ego, mean girl, inner critic really wants to make me feel bad about not enough people being there, it not being big enough, it not being flashy enough. But it’s not about that, it’s not about the shiny-ness.

This event, is this event and this event will look like this event is supposed to look like.

How can you look at the bigger picture instead of letting your ego get so caught up in what you think it should look like.


So there we go all my tips and tricks to help you truly release that feeling of a failure which trust me, is not serving you in anyway. For those of you in Melbourne I would love to see you at my event Manifest My Desires you can book your ticket here.

If you aren’t based in Melbourne but want to get some of this Manifest My Desires magic you can check out a complimentary 1 hour workshop I have recorded here.

We really are so mean to ourselves

Last week I took my introverted soul – you know the one who gets really nervous about having to go to an event by herself, and see other humans in real life to Danielle LaPorte’s Choose to Shine event.

As always I was reminded that in person connection is always, always worth it! Because sometimes we forget, sometimes we get nervous and scared but truly there is magic there. That’s why I am so passionate about in person events, based in Melb? Check out my upcoming Manifest My Desires workshop.

Now I loved this night as a chance to catch up with friends, fellow coaches and light workers in this world. Danielle spoke about the best self help being self compassion and that really struck a cord with me. Today I am sharing what my 3 main takeaways I took from the event were.



So I am going to do something that kind of scares me but something that I love viewing from other people. Isn’t that funny, it’s what Brene Brown says about, the authenticity paradox: vulnerability is the last thing I want you to see in me, and the first thing I look for in you.”

I believe there is so much information out there in regards to living and leading a life that you freaking love, but the way I learn is through hearing people’s own personal stories.

Most of these stories are written at the end of someone’s journey and time along with hindsight can make it sound very different. So I wanted to take one of my big juicy goals and take you through exactly how I am planning on reaching it. So a new monthly post that I will be diving into will be my Manifest My Desires: A Real + Honest Behind the Scene’s.


How to make this year, your year – are you ready for it?


It’s funny how quick we are to give away control over our lives isn’t it?

I am all for conspiring with the Universe to create a life that I love, but it’s funny the moment something doesn’t go our way the slightest shit hits the fan.

It’s easy to say ‘if only it all went my way then I could remain positive, focus on what I am grateful for and just generally not turn into a sassy know-it-all’.


2016 Wrap Up & Reflections


I am wrapping up sessions with clients this week and getting ready to take some time off my business over the Festive Season and New Year. If you want to find me, I will be yoga-ing non-stop, out on the ocean soaking up the sun (if Melbourne gets around to turning it on for us) and surrounding myself with great food and even better company.

It of course is only fitting with this being my last post of the year to do a wrap up of my 2016, because ahh life, we like it in a neat little bow at times, especially when a year has been tumultuous it helps to feel at peace and send the year off in style.

I am writing this not knowing where I am going – perhaps it will reveal itself as I write more, or this could be a super fun journey – let’s dive into it together.


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