Vantage Points

Last month I got really uncomfortable. I set goals and seemed to run away and hide, something about burying my head under the sand was the concept I was going for. Everything felt hard, and my hips were non stop sore and in agonising pain! Yes there were even tears in a Yin yoga class – something that has never happened before.

Last month I was stretching myself in new ways, I can definitely see that looking back, but also each time I was on the cusp of something, if I got too uncomfortable I would run back to where it was safe and cushion-y.

Do you know the feeling?

It can sometimes be as small as wanting to change a small social media habit because hey we have all been there! You know you say I won’t pick up my phone til 9am this morning and then you feel your fingers twitching as soon as you wake up eager to tap, tap away.

So you reach for your phone, it doesn’t really matter does it?

Then there are the bigger life events where you plan something big, you have that exciting #goalcrushing day and then the next day you wake up, sleep in, eat bad food, netflix binge. It’s human. It’s natural.

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Have you outgrown old beliefs?

Have you outgrown your old beliefs?

The other day I was at the naturopath and she was asking me questions to describe myself. I hadn’t given it much thought so I started rambling what I thought were the answers.

“Oh you know, I am a type A personality, I like to get shit done, I get stressed, I am a worried, anxious, you know the kind of person.”

I am a firm believer in the power of words, my mother is an author after all. So I truly believe that the words we speak create the actions and reality in our own life.

So later when my mind shifted to that consultation I wondered what left me perplexed? It was that I was describing someone I thought I should be, not someone who I actually am.

See I was most certainly a stress-head, worry-wart, anxiety ridden young person. I still remember this one horrible night I went to watch the initial release of The Avengers on opening night. Here I was sitting next to my partner, enjoying a movie (one that I happen to love, as hindsight would show me!) and my head was actually exploding on the inside and I was filled with tension and on the brink of tears probably that whole night.

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Vantage Points-2

This year I declared that it was going to be a year of growth for myself, safe to say I haven’t been disappointed.

What’s sitting high on my dreams and desires board? Moving out, job raises, building my business are some of the keys.

This next period of my life was going to be focused on sowing the seeds, seeds of intentions and desires that when they would become a reality I would reap the rewards.

This meant work, devotion to my craft, putting in the effort, showing up each and every day, knowing that all of my hard work would compound over time till it paid off.

I knew that I was in for some work, some heavy lifting, and that it wasn’t going to be easy but it was going to be worthwhile. I also sensed challenges would arise purely for the fact I didn’t want to naively think it would all go smoothly.

And after feeling really good for a period of time, I finally found that snag that was going to trip me up. What did this look like for me? Well it showed up in lots of different ways.

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Vantage Points-2

This year is looking like a big year of growth not just for my business but also for my personal life. There are a lot of things I am currently manifesting in my life. And I know because you are here too, you are a big dreamer, go-getter who has a list of what she’s working on too.

I also know that the most important thing to helping you manifest your successes, your true desires this year could be the very first thing you let fall to the side. So the way I am focusing and devoting myself to my success this year might surprise you, but it’s taking the best care of me.

At the beginning of this year when I was traipsing around Canada and road tripping through the sites of the Grand Canyon and Yosemite National Park (I know lots of name dropping, but bear with me!) I had a lot of time for quiet contemplation.

From guided meditations in the morning, to visualizations on a bus driving into the newest town or merely taking a powerful moment to pause at some of the most incredible sights I have ever seen I really got in touch with what I wanted for this year.

When thinking about what I was going to manifest, and what was going to unfold, I asked myself what do I need to do to achieve this?

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Crafting Your Own Desire Statement

2015-10-13 11.35.38

Last night I held my first in-person group coaching session ever, to say it was a “pinch-me”, dreams come true would be a fair description. In our first session I helped each of the Time To Shine peeps (trust me we are trying to think of a better name!) with crafting their very own desire statement.

Now before I jump into it and give you the low-down on how you too can create your own one, because I am all about providing you with the best material for you to create a life you love and break free from your mind jail. I want to let you in on a little story.

Desire statements and me have manifested some pretty cool shit. Old school goals used to say I want to achieve this by this date. The end. It always end up filling me with lack, I am running behind and a case of the not-good-enoughs.

I kind of find these goals super boring, and not at all motivating or inspiring. I much prefer and far better gell with desire statements that you set out into the universe.

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Last week I felt called to do a big day of decluttering – I mean hardcore deleting all emails, pictures off my phone and cleaning up lots of ‘stuff’, I finally felt ready to call in new energy for this year.

My theme for 2015 was to ‘Step Up’ and boy was I called to expand and grow. I had to develop a deep sense of trust within myself. After such an expansive year of 2015 I felt my main theme for 2016 effortlessly flow into my lap.

In 2016 I am being called to SHINE.

My purpose and belief with this is that I don’t have to do anything, my inner knowing is that it has all already been done. This year is about simply showing up and shining.

My core desired feelings to help me are:

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