Meditation & Mindfulness Workshops

for Stressed-Out Students

After working within the youth industry for 7 years, running leadership days for teens, hosting workshops for stressed out students and presenting at schools and Universities, I’ve seen firsthand the ambition and determination young people have. Whilst also seeing the crippling side affects this is having on their mental health to constantly do better, strive more, in the world we live in.

Now I provide the tools and principles I wish were given to me during my adolescence. The techniques I wish I had too help me instead of spending my High School, and University years, with severe stress and anxiety while I managed the high expectations and pressure I was placing on myself.

I have the best job in the world helping students and teachers dis-identify with their mind, troubling thoughts and minimise negative thought patterns such as rumination, worry and focus on self-soothing and compassion, to create a resilient whole individual. Helping student to not only survive their schooling years but truly thrive.


One in four young people are at risk of serious mental illness; these risks are far greater for Indigenous groups and young women. 

The major problems of concern are depression, coping with stress, body image and school or study problems. Young people seek help reluctantly. Turning to google to help them out of fear of being judged or the stigma that can be associated with struggling.*


That’s where my Meditation & Mindfulness Workshops in Schools comes in.



There are a whole host of benefits provided to young adults, including their wellbeing, social and academic skills. Not to mention the physiological benefits of a regular meditation practice to help manage stress, sleeping disturbances, preparing for exams, and regulating their adrenals.

Due to the neuroplasticity of young people’s brains, they are far more susceptible to the long term benefits of meditation, lasting well after they’ve finished their schooling years, helping them reduce their overall levels of anxiety, stress and depression.

  • Faster information processing, greater focus, more effective working memory, creativity and cognitive flexibility.
  • A regular meditation practice will help students to experience high levels of optimism and positivity compared to non meditators.
  • Increases social skills, such as pro-social behaviour, like helping others, and decreases anger and disobedience.
  • Report higher levels of optimism, positive emotions, stronger self-identity and greater self-acceptance.



This workshop runs for 60 minutes.

  • 30 minutes interactive talk focusing on core Meditation 101 principles
  • 20 minutes guided meditation
  • 10 minutes shared discussion and reflection time

What is covered?

  • What is meditation & mindfulness?
  • The benefits of living a mindful life
  • The benefits of meditating
  • Protocol to meditate
  • Time & space to explore meditating together in a safe environment
  • Resources to help along your journey to continue meditating

Can incorporate themes through the workshop, depending on your year levels needs such as:

  • Practicing & Cultivating Self-Care & Wellbeing
  • Setting Values Based Goals
  • Developing Healthy Habits to Help you Thrive
  • Managing Stress & Expectations



I also provide a How to Meditate Course delivered over 4 x 60 minute sessions, 1 per week.

Helping your students or teachers to dive deeper into their own meditation practice, be held accountable and truly cement this life changing habit into their life.


  • How to Meditate Booklet
  • Access to Guided Meditations

Covering Topics:

  • Meditation 101 (topics covered in your Intro session above)
  • How to create a consistent habit and practice within your life
  • How to translate the meditation into your life, living mindfully
  • Deepening your practice thru mantra, breath and sensations






“I learnt so much about myself and being in a group environment really helped me see how others were struggling with the same things I was. I loved getting to look back at my past successes that I’d forgotten about. I learnt that I need to let go of the past failures and look towards the future.” Lucy

“The biggest takeaway from this workshop was that I can do/achieve everything want to. I just have to believe I can. That I am not the only one feeling this way.” Danielle

“Thank you so much for giving me efficient, immediately effective tips delivered in a personal, open-hearted setting with more smiles than a photo booth.” Naomi


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To express your interest, and find out more about booking in your corporate session, please email maddison (at) 

* According to the latest Youth Survey from Mission Australia.