If you haven’t read my last two recaps post yoga teacher training you can find them here and here. Today I am diving deeper into actually teaching post yoga training and setting up my own studio space. So if you dream of becoming a yoga teacher, opening your own studio or perhaps are just super nosy you are going to love today’s blog post.


After catching up with a yoga teacher and speaking about life post teacher training I knew I needed to start teaching ASAP. The advice was practice, practice, practice. So that is exactly what I did.


I taught private yoga classes to my mum to start with. We’ve done yoga for the same amount of time, and she loves her practice but doesn’t always have a class or teacher she can go to. So I committed to going to her house once a week and teaching her yoga, she loved it. After one class, she started inviting her friends around. Suddenly I was teaching a couple of people each week, practicing my classes and becoming comfortable teaching beginners yoga. Note, teaching beginners is so much harder than teaching your yogi friends.


The Universe co-conspired with me to find an incredible space to set up a yoga studio out of. I was definitely hesitant and worried about doing this but realised I had nothing to lose and so got it up and running. There were still some challenges in doing this and after a bit of indecision I finally committed to making this happen and seeing it through. Making that decision was pivotal – and at times I’ve had to constantly re-decide and affirm along the way.

Truth be told, the whole people paying me was really uncomfortable to start with. So I set up a couple of free weekend classes to begin with. This helped me gain confidence teaching more people and becoming comfortable in the space. Did I need it not necessarily? But I felt comfortable and it worked for me.


Next came setting up regular class schedule, right now I am teaching 3 classes a week out of my studio space. And am looking at increasing this again in the New Year. The studio space is very simple to start with but I am very excited for what it could grow into. Yoga events and videos certainly to come in the New Year. Want to follow along behind the scenes with this journey, Instagram is definitely the place for that, follow me here.

The truth is I’ve only been doing this for just over three weeks, coming up to one month – it’s crazy to think how quickly it’s gone!! The best thing I did setting up the studio was starting out with the lowest expectations and purely being happy teaching yoga to people. It also helped me so much in my own teacher journey, more on that in a second.


The best thing I did for myself at the beginning was lower the expectation bar. I realised I was not going to be my favourite yoga teachers straight out of the bat. And I am not meant to be. But I believed that I could still give an incredible experience to the students that showed up for my classes. I believed in myself and most importantly I believe in yoga and the transformational affect it can have in someone’s life.

So I made peace with where I was at. I never tried to, nor do I bite off more than I can chew. I don’t talk through poses I can’t do, I keep it simple, because truth be told, I love a simple flow, and I know the students that come to my class will enjoy that too.

I know it will get to a place where I am able to move beyond where I am at right now, but I am not going to pretend I am further along my journey than I am to impress anyone, I’d simply be losing myself to my ego.

In regards to being comfortable standing up and talking in front of people, I’ve always loved public speaking and done it for my business, so I felt comfortable with this. In terms of marketing myself and my yoga to people, this has been touch and go. I am certainly used to it from coaching and being online, so I understand and get it, but it still has it’s difficult moments. For example when you have already asked someone to come to yoga and you go to ask them again and worry you are being a pain. You know, we’ve all been there.


I learnt quick smart if I am going to be a yoga teacher I need to be keeping my body in it’s optimal state. I’ve had a lot of niggles and pains in my body and a lot of shoulder issues for a number of years. I suffered from shoulder impingement and while the pain was behind me I knew I was not as strong as I wanted to be.

Sure I could keep going, invert myself upside down, flow thru countless vinyasa’s but do I really want to damage my body to get there? No. So it’s become about truly investing in my body and taking optimal care of it. I booked in to see an osteopath who is helping me with my chronic impingement, and completing some rehabilitation exercises to strengthen the tendons around my shoulders.

Once again, pulling it back, simplifying it, being where I am right now has been the key. Knowing that I need to solve ‘this problem’ ‘this issue’ before I move forward. And truth be told it feels really good and really empowering to finally be taking control of something that’s been driving me a little crazy for a while. Just that slight annoyance underlying everything.

Q: Is there something you keep putting off, hiding under the rug that could give you a surge of energy if you could finally work through it? 


Coming home I had a feeling that something would fall into my lap and lo-and behold it did. I returned and received a job at one of my favourite studio’s within Melbourne and started working their front of house which is incredible. I’ve loved seeing the behind the scenes, listening to yoga while I worked and learning all the procedures that yoga studios are using right now.

Next thing I know another yogi internship fell into my lap. At first I said no thank you, but upon a lovely chat to a girlfriend who helped me realise, why wouldn’t I? Thankfully I said a big fat yes to this and kept my doors open. So I started working at another one of my favourite yoga studio’s in Melbourne. Once again being in this space was incredible. Informative, amazing. And opportunities are at my finger tips. I was able to practice teach for this studio and was given such incredible feedback.

I was also given the opportunity to help out at a yoga event doing some adjusting, I barely adjusted in my final solo class, so I wasn’t too familiar with it, but knew I needed to say yes to another incredible opportunity so I did.

The bottom line, say yes to everything! I am at a place where life is full, but I’ve said yes to everything. It won’t always be this way, but for right now I am keeping all doors open and seeing what sticks. The best place to be!

Obviously this was a very unique journey to me, so I don’t know what yours will look like, but my advice say yes to every opportunity that comes your way, quickly. Even if you are scared, say yes and figure it out later.


Things I’ve really benefited from:

  • Accepting support from people in your life. Like seriously, accept support, say thank you. These people are helping your dreams come true. So much gratitude and love for their help and kindness!
  • It is going to be uncomfortable, don’t pretend it’s not. Be scared, be nervous. Be kind, and patient with yourself.
  • You will want to cancel, run away, hide and not show up. Show up anyway.
  • Schedule in down time & rest!!


  • I created a webpage on my website for my yoga straight away, including a way for people to purchase their classes – I already knew my way around some software so that was easy. I knew I wanted people to have the option to ‘buy online’. I never carry cash on myself. PayPal does take a fee, but making peace with that, because I also get an incredible service from them that helps more people pay me. Balance.
  • Putting up flyers on the front of the shop window. In the process of getting a bigger sign for the shop front, there’s a lot of foot traffic and really want to capitalise on that.
  • Handing out in person flyers to businesses around the area of my studio.
  • Handing out flyers to cafe’s in the area, along with this also providing a one free yoga class on the back to incentivise people to try it out.
  • Creating a facebook event for my yoga, inviting ALL the people I know!
  • With this using sponsored facebook ad’s, targeting people in that area, and who match the person who would be attending my class.
  • Not remising the fact, to start with a lot of people are people I know personally, so calling on those personal connections. The 1-1 ask goes a long way.
  • A lot of social media posts, letting people in on this journey as much as I can.


That’s it for now, I hope you enjoyed the 3 part post yoga teacher training recap. I did not realise it was going to be this big. I also didn’t realise how impactful this journey was going to be for me before I started it. I am very much looking forward to next year and seeing where my yoga takes me from here.

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