It’s that time of year, the “I can’t believe how fast the year’s flown by”, “it’ll be over before we know it” “man I’m so busy”. But I’m offering you an alternative approach this festive season and a gentle loving reminder you may need. 

You don’t need to have everything completed, tied in a perfect bow before the end of the year.

This means. 

You don’t need to complete a months worth of to-do’s, into the last two weeks of the year. You survived without decluttering your wardrobe for a whole 6 months, it can wait till the New Year. 

You don’t need to say yes and plan every single catch up with everyone you love in your life before the end of the year. Your friendship is not impact by having to wait till the New Year to do your annual catch up. You’ll probably enjoy yourself more if you’re feeling refreshed and not overcommitted. 

And let’s bust the biggest myth of all. In case you were stressing about it. You do not need to spend your days looking back and reflecting on the past year, curating a perfect year in review blog post or social media post. 

You definitely do not need to find the perfect word to describe your theme for next year, update your vision board and a manifestation script to go with it. 

Most importantly, if spending time on social media sends you into an anxiety induced overwhelm panic this festive season. You are allowed to press pause, unfollow, remove from your feed or anything else you need to do to remain calm and centred in yourself and your life, during this end of year period.

Remember you do not need everything completed by January 1st, or even January 2nd, you are allowed time to wind down, to switch off and simply be. Allowing yourself space to integrate your year, personally, within your own bones, without having to do anything outside of yourself in the meantime.

You don’t have to keep up with the imaginary Jones’ or the new perfectly socially curated Jones’.

So give yourself space, and allow yourself to finish up this year in whatever way works best for you.


But I hear the cynic within you, the critic speaking loudly because it’s the same one that resides within me. Remarking ‘how can you press pause, what about all the momentum you’ve put so much effort into building up? How can you let that all go, and is it really okay to simply stop, rest and be? Isn’t there more stuff to do?’ 

I know you are a smart switched on person, so when I say that, fear is driving those thoughts, you’re probably pretty easily able to recognise that. Unfortunately just because we know something cognitively it can still stop us from embodying this within our own body.

You probably know you need to press pause and not worry about your momentum going away because it’s simply a fear based thought trying to keep you in that hustle story. But how can you actually embody this?

By focusing on this one important question. 


What do you actually need so you can switch off, pause and be this holiday season?

Because truth be told you don’t need your duckies all in a row.

  • You may need to give yourself a permission slip.
  • You may need to enlist some accountability with your partner to promise to switch off from work emails or whatever it is.
  • You may need to wrap up any loose ends and create a coming back plan, so you can switch off without fear.

Don’t skip past this question, it is so valid and important to help you uncover what you need before the end of this year so you can press pause. 


Lastly remember just because you love vision boards, reading personal development and spirituality does not mean it can’t produce that same feeling of ‘I have to get it all done’. And anything that robs you of your peace is a too high price to pay.

So if having to write your New Years goals and resolutions perfectly because it has to be put together before the end of the year – otherwise they won’t work, is something you are believing at this present moment. Know that you don’t need to do it perfectly, have it completed to work. So place the oracle cards and cleansing rituals away and enjoy this moment of your life.

This festive season, with loved ones, filled with laughter and adventure.

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