In today’s video I wanted to share with you a tactic that’s been invaluable to helping me curate my mind in the way that I want to. What I mean by that, is sometimes thinking about having to be “positive” and “on” all the time can be exhausting. However what I recently realised was that if my mind is like a garden, I’ve definitely allowed a few not so good weeds to pre-occupy a bit too much of my time.

So I knew it was time to start cultivating and caring for my mind and basically being kind and loving to myself, because some of the thoughts I was thinking and wasting my time with were not helpful at all.

In the video below – which I filmed for my first Instagram TV – cue excitement and did I ask, are we even Insta friends yet? I chat about how I’ve started labelling my thoughts and how this has helped minimise stress, overwhelm and some serious over thinking that I like to do.

Have a watch of the video and enjoy, if you have any comments, queries or questions hit it up in the comment section below.

One important question I want to quickly jump on and clarify, after watching the video you might be wondering, how do I know which thoughts are helpful and unhelpful? Firstly I trust that you simply have that gut intuition that you know – I would highly recommend that you trust that.

If you are still concerned, my question to ask you would be, is this within your realm of control? If you are worrying or stressing about something outside of your control, my recommendation would be to drop it like it’s hot.


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