Welcome to episode 22 of the Inner Calm Podcast.

In this episode I speak briefly about the importance of gratitude, summing it up best with Oprah Winfrey’s quote: “Be thankful for what you have; you’ll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never, ever have enough.”

Then I dive into 9 different ways you can practice and cultivate gratitude within your own life.

  1. Gratitude jar: write what you are grateful for and place it in a beautiful jar. At the end of the week/month/year you can reflect on all that you have been grateful for.
  2. Being grateful before you eat: what a great way to become present and show gratitude for what you are about to eat and fuel your body with.
  3. Use a gratitude app: this is my favourite way to practice gratitude at the moment, I use the app ‘grateful’ I have used the free version, and did upgrade to the paid version, but have been using it for 2+ years, so it’s well worth the investment. It also stores it all, so I can easily look back and reflect.
  4. Start a gratitude journal: why not go the old school way and start your own gratitude journal?
  5. Gratitude buddy: if you love social accountability this is perfect for you. Find yourself a buddy and text chain/voice memo or when you see them share what you are grateful for. I love this as it multiplies that gratitude feeling.
  6. Reasons why I love you: share a list of reasons why you love and are grateful for someone. There is a super cute story in the podcast about this one.
  7. 100 Life achievements: write a list of at least 100 life achievements. I like to do this around the New Year, my birthday, or just when I need it. Your ‘big’ moments get listed pretty quickly, and soon you start to think about those small meaningful moments too.
  8. Morning or Night ritual: why not stick your gratitude practice to your morning or night time routine. When you open your eyes or before you go to sleep at night, thinking about what you are grateful for and holding this feeling in your body.
  9. Take gratitude pictures: are you a visual person? Take pictures of what you are grateful for, then you will have a beautiful visual representation of what you are grateful for.

I also mention the very exciting news that my eCourse, Overthinker’s Guide to Inner Calm is finally live, you can find out more information by visiting: https://maddisonvernon.com/ecourse/

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Thank you so much for listening to the Inner Calm Podcast, I have so enjoyed creating this content for you, I would love it if you leave me a review on iTunes it really supports this podcast and click here to subscribe so you don’t miss and episode, I upload episodes every Thursday.