Do you find yourself reaching the end of the day exhausted? Wake up feeling tired, burdened by life, and the smallest task can feel like a mountain?

If you are constantly feeling this tired and exhausted chances are you are carrying other people’s energies around with you.

For me, when ‘tired and exhausted’ are my go-to answers and I’m weepy at the drop of a hat, I know I’m carrying other people’s worries, stress and energy.

Last year I got really good at boundaries and protecting my own energy, I needed too, because my health was falling apart for wanting to care and help every person around me, at my own detriment. But I thought I was alone in feeling this way, until I realised that a lot of people seem to be facing this exact issue.

After speaking to so many people who attend my yoga or meditation classes I see I am not the only one. So today I’m sharing three ways to help you protect your own energy, let’s dive into it. There’s a little bonus video for you at the end too.

1. Are you surrogating other peoples energy?

Surrogating peoples energy around you is when you hear someone having a bad day, going through their own stresses and worries and you start to carry that around with you. Thinking that by carrying their stresses and worries around with you, you are helping them and the situation. Yay for being a good friend.

The problem is, you aren’t actually helping them. Despite your best intentions you aren’t letting them process and work through what they need too. The biggest thing I learnt in therapy was allowing people around me to be on their own journey. It was not up to me to fix anyone else. Harsh, but true.

Action: The person or situation that immediately pops to your mind, chances are you are surrogating their energy. Close your eyes, you may feel a cord linking between the two of you, slowly pull it out from your body. Burying it in the ocean, ground, somewhere in nature.

Repeat to yourself “this is not my energy to carry, you are not welcome here.”


2. Do you have leaky boundaries?

Or worse do you have no boundaries at all?

This is a big topic and one I am constantly working on. As you continue to grow and evolve so will your boundaries need to shift and grow with you.

For me I’m pretty good at saying yes and no, when I mean these words. Right now I am working on boundaries around my technology and work commitments. Ensuring I have these containers set up in my life.

And remember, the world will not fall apart if you take one hour to switch off and be with yourself. You do not always have to be on to feel good and worthy.

Action: Check back in with your boundaries. 

What are the boundaries you are needing to add to your life? You are in charge of how people interact and what they expect of you. Feeling like you are spreading yourself too thin, then realise you’re allowing yourself to always be available. 


3. Let your energy flow

Is you energy becoming struck, stagnant and stale? Particularly due to an overthinking mind, procrastinating or worrying about life? Than let your energy flow.

Movement is one of my favourite ways to let energy flow, particularly when it’s feeling stuck and heavy. Seriously any movement works, walking, yoga, dancing. The trick is to get out of your mind and energy will move and shift. I’m a firm believer that life flows a lot easier when your energy is flowing.

Another one of my favourite ways to let stuck energy move around the house, is simply opening up windows. It doesn’t have to be hard. Let it be easy, and let it flow.

Do you have a favourite way to let energy move through you? Let me know in the comments below. 


Bonus Tip

I recorded my favourite visualisation technique for you. 

Close your eyes, and let me talk you through this powerful visualisation technique you can do whenever you are needing to protect your energy. Start at 2 minute mark – if you want to jump to the good bit. 

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