Mindset blocks holding you back from shining in your business?

  • You know you want a business you love, to make an impact and have the life and freedom you crave, but how do you rouret there?
  • Are you sick of asking the Universe, “when is it going to be my time?”
  • Tired of listening to the broken record telling you, “you can’t do that, who do you think you are, you’re such a failure”
  • Sick of worrying what you think people might be saying about you?

Guess what beautiful all of those thoughts that crowd your mind on the daily are not helping you be the best version of yourself and they definitely aren’t helping you reach your dreams any quicker. Truth be told they are doing the opposite.

If you are ready to shine in your business like you know you can. To stop listening to the negative self-doubt that is keeping you focused on everything you don’t have.

To be surrounded by like minded people, for support and accountability and most of all results – than I am so excited to announce that I am running my Time to Shine Mastermind program again!



I’m Maddison Vernon, a trained life coach, writer and speaker for the new wave of female change makers ready to truly shine in their life and business like you were born to do. I lovingly guide you to get out of your head, connect to your inner truth and get the results that you want – success and freedom on your terms.  When I’m not working away on my laptop you will find me in a yoga class, journalling out my life, meditating or heading out of town on an adventure.

Most of all I want you to know …

++ That you can break free from your mind jail and all those blocks that are holding you back from creating and putting your dreams out into the world.

++ That taking the best care of yourself, being kind to yourself on this journey and your happiness in this moment is paramount to success.

++ That you are worthy of everything you want, and all you have to do is get out of your own head – sounds easy, but implementing it is difficult, that’s where I come in!





When I first reached out to work with Maddison I was feeling overwhelmed and stressed out. I wanted to be more at ease in the work with my launch clients. I realised that ALONE I was not getting to my goals and my work life was becoming less and less enjoyable.

Maddison knows that business and life always collide and that your mindset it where it all starts. The biggest change in my life is I now put non negotiable practices for my wellbeing which helps support my life, my business and my family. To sum it up the whole experience was wrapped in unconditional support, love and a sacred space. Pat Romain Life + Leadership Coach


When I started working with Maddison I was in the middle of a whirlwind between the masculine and the feminine, really looking for who I really was, and what I really desired. You have the power to see things Maddison, and to feel into what your clients need. So there is always this element of unknown depth that is added to the sessions.

My favorite part has been tapping into that connection to my feminine, and to the truth of myself. It manifests in all that I do, how I stand in the world, how I work, what my relationships look like… its incredible. I have uncovered a strength that allows me to reach even further than I ever thought I could. This was truly powerful, transformative and uplifting. Murielle Marie Life & Business Coach




Do you need support, encouragement, accountability, connection with like minded souls and most importantly – results? 

Join myself and an intimate group of women to help you conquer your biggest fears and work towards your biggest dreams.

During our time together, we will discuss how to conquer self-doubt, fear and push past the excuses that are holding you back. You will become crystal clear on what you want to bring into your life, unapologetically declaring it. Not to mention ensuring you take the best care of yourself in the process because when you do, magic happens.


  • Pre-Coaching Questionnaire to uncover where you are, what is working and what you want to work on.
  • Welcome eBook, how to get the most out of your coaching experience.
  • 6 x 90 minute weekly group coaching calls, these calls are tailored specifically to what you are working with, struggling with and what you want support with at that present moment. This is an entirely unique experience to yourself.
  • Personal email support being provided the space to send your questions, or looking for clarification or eyes over your latest work.
  • Exclusive access to Time to Shine Facebook group for the duration of the package.
  • Thank You gift in the mail, to say a big heartfelt thank you, from me to you.

Your Investment: $500 AUD or two instalments of $260.

This round of the Time to Shine Mastermind is from 16th July – 27th August.

Weekly group coaching calls will be Tuesday @ 10am Melb time.

They will be recorded and you will be provided with the worksheets and have the chance to pre-submit questions.


What we will be covering:

Week One: Crafting Your Future Reality

Week Two: Priming Yourself & Mind for Success

Week Three: Soul Sisters to Lift You Up

Week Four: Magic, Money & Manifestation

Week Five: Collaborating with Your Co-Conspirer

Week Six: Forgiveness and F*ck Up’s ‘cos we all have them!

** places are limited, email maddison@maddisonvernon.com to reserve your spot now.

When I first started seeing Maddison, I was struggling to believe in myself, I couldn’t call myself a Health Coach, I was struggling with a whole lot of fear and self-doubt that was holding me back.  I was playing small, and sitting on the sidelines.

I loved working with Maddison because I felt completely at ease, and like she got me, and that she was actually going to push me & call me out on my bullshit.  She opened up such a safe space for me to be vulnerable and I never once felt judged or any unease in our sessions.  I actually looked forward to them each fortnight.

From coaching I am confident, I have so much self-belief, and so much love for myself.  I also feel like I know who I am now and what I want.  I know what I need to do and how to get there as well.  I don’t feel blurry about any of that any more, it feels crystal clear and I feel a lot of flow with what I have to do, no dread or clutter, just grace and flow. Working with Maddison was soul fulfilling, loving and empowering. Abbey Lake Health Coach

“From coaching with Maddison I am now 100% the person I want to be. I am a more relaxed version and someone who has the time to listen and help others. I have been seeing a life coach on and off for nearly eight years, I’m not sure if it was finally my time for massive change but what we did together in those sessions was amazing.

Thanks to our coaching sessions I can say I am totally living in the present. This is something I have always wanted to achieve and I can say I am now doing it. The biggest transformation I believe is I have grown at a deeper lever that people have not seen as yet. If I had to describe the experience in 3 words it would be ground breaking, life changing and peaceful.” Lizze Moult, Life Coach 


  • You are ready to step up and shine within your own life.
  • You are ready to be held accountable for your own learnings
  • You have been interested in coaching for a while but haven’t taken action yet.
  • You are done with excuses and lame half attempts, you want all in!
  • You are excited (slightly nervous, of course!) to be surrounded by inspiring and incredible women who are going to support you to reach incredible levels.


  • You need further attention and care and would be looking at more of a 1-1 coaching experience, I offer them here.
  • You don’t enjoy celebrating other people’s successes.
  • You believe that somebody else’s win takes away from your win.
  • You are not ready to do the work involved to move you forward.


Do you offer a payment plan?

You have the option to purchase at a once off $500 sum or you can do two instalments of $260.

Are the sessions refundable?

After the completion of the first session there will be no refund but up until that point you can be provided with a refund, despite a $100 non-refundable deposit to secure your space.

I want to do this but I don't think I am ready yet? Where should my business be up to?

Beautiful, this is all up to you and personal choice. If you know this is what you want to create in your life, than truly there is no perfect time and this group coaching is going to hold you accountable and get you there a lot quicker than being by yourself. You know in your gut if this is the right time for you.

I can't make a session, can I still do it?

Of course you can, you just have to be aware that this is your personal choice. If you cannot make a class your fee will not be deducted in anyway and you just won’t be there live, you will have the recording, the worksheets and the chance to submit questions to be answered. So if you have a pre-planned trip that is totally fine.


** places are limited, email maddison@maddisonvernon.com to reserve your spot now.