Have you been putting more faith and trust in your fear than yourself?

Is that mean girl in your mind telling you all the reasons why you won’t succeed, don’t deserve what you want and won’t get it?

Do you feel stuck and so far away from the person and life that you want to have?

If so beautiful, than give yourself the gift of time and space to be provided with an incredible hour long workshop where you will gain heart-focused clarity and soul filled action.

Tell me beautiful, what is it you desire? To love yourself, be kind to yourself, start a side passion project, be the healthiest version of yourself, land your dream job, declare your next adventure or to step out of your little bubble and have more confidence.

Whatever it is, let me help you create that in your life.

Complimentary Online Workshop


What is holding you back from manifesting exactly what you desire.

Exactly what your heart is desiring, no more guessing, or second guessing.

How to let go of the stories and limiting beliefs that are holding you back.

An action plan for moving forward.


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What do past attendees have to say about this event?

“I realised that I needed to jump out of my comfort zone and do something for me. What I took away from this experience was that all of my dreams are so possible and that sometimes it just takes belief in yourself. My favorite part was the meditations and being inspired to go inwards, always.” Sophie Wood

“Manifest My Desires was great to reconnect with my desires in a workshop setting as opposed to on my own. I discovered a few inner mean girl things I didn’t know were in there, creating more awareness around them. I loved the meeting yourself meditation and it’s definitely reignited some old self-love and self-care tips and tricks that I’ve let fall away recently.” Renae Napolion

“My biggest takeaway from this event was the power of visual meditation, writing and manifesting. I loved meeting my future self and being able to listen to everyone’s desires and fears.” Alize Mounter

“I realized that my dreams and goals had grown and that I sought clarity. My biggest takeaway from the even was that small steps need to be taken daily in order to manifest and achieve my vision. My favorite part was definitely visiting my future self 1 year on. This workshops has given me the confidence to believe in myself and my goals and to not apologize for them.” Julia Psyhogios