When I first started seeing Maddison, I was struggling to believe in myself, to really hone in on who I was and what I wanted.  I couldn’t call myself a Health Coach, I was struggling with a whole lot of fear and self-doubt that was holding me back.  I was playing small, and sitting on the sidelines.

I loved working with Maddison because I felt completely at ease, and like she got me, and that she was actually going to push me & call me out on my bullshit.  She opened up such a safe space for me to be vulnerable and I never once felt judged or any unease in our sessions.  I actually looked forward to them each fortnight.

From coaching I am confident, I have so much self-belief, and so much love for myself.  I also feel like I know who I am now and what I want.  I know what I need to do and how to get there as well.  I don’t feel blurry about any of that any more, it feels crystal clear and I feel a lot of flow with what I have to do, no dread or clutter, just grace and flow. Working with Maddison was soul fulfilling, loving and empowering. Abbey Lake Health Coach

“From coaching with Maddison I am now 100% the person I want to be. I am a more relaxed version and someone who has the time to listen and help others. I have been seeing a life coach on and off for nearly eight years, I’m not sure if it was finally my time for massive change but what we did together in those sessions was amazing.

Thanks to our coaching sessions I can say I am totally living in the present. This is something I have always wanted to achieve and I can say I am now doing it. It feels amazing. I am so in tune with my little loves and I am no longer rushing around and the term ‘I have no time’ doesn’t come up at all.

The biggest transformation I believe is I have grown at a deeper lever that people have not seen as yet. If I had to describe the experience in 3 words it would be ground breaking, life changing and peaceful. I feel so much stronger and believe in myself more than I did before, plus I now have killer hair and the patience to be here for those that need me.” Lizze Moult, Life Coach 


When I first reached out to work with Maddison I was feeling overwhelmed and stressed out. I wanted to be more at ease in the work with my launch clients. I realised that ALONE I was not getting to my goals and my work life was becoming less and less enjoyable.

After that first session I felt like I finally had the support I needed not just in business but with getting my mindset ready for the BIG work that I was getting ready to do. Maddison knows that business and life always collide and that your mindset it where it all starts. The biggest change in my life is I now put non negotiable practices for my wellbeing which helps support my life, my business and my family. Putting my oxygen mask first so that I can help others. To sum it up the whole experience was wrapped in unconditional support, love and a sacred space. Pat Romain Life + Leadership Coach



When I started working with Maddison I was in the middle of a whirlwind between the masculine and the feminine, really looking for who I really was, and what I really desired. On a personal level I wanted to redefine how I lived my life, and on a professional level I was building three businesses that all needed more focus, especially my coaching. I felt confident that we were going to do great things together, however I didn’t really know how that would manifest. And it manifested beautifully, but not entirely as intended. You have the power to see things Maddison, and to feel into what your clients need. So there is always this element of unknown depth that is added to the sessions.

I am so proud to say I have moved into the feminine so much more, I allowed pleasure into my life after more than 20 years of masculine ambition-driven living, I explored sides of myself that were unknown to me, my confidence grew, my trust in myself. My love ones have truly noticed the transformation that has occurred over our time together. My favorite part has been tapping into that connection to my feminine, and to the truth of myself. It manifests in all that I do, how I stand in the world, how I work, what my relationships look like… its incredible. I have uncovered a strength that allows me to reach even further than I ever thought I could. This was truly powerful, transformative and uplifting. Murielle Marie


Brittany Pic

“Before I started seeing Maddison, I was in overdrive; I had so much work to do and I was stressing out hardcore.  I discovered that life coaching is all about that little angel that sits on your shoulder, that gives you extra guidance and support.

When I started coaching with her I didn’t think that anyone could help me, because I was in a deep pit of overwhelm but after our first session she didn’t just help me get out of that pit but showed me how I could get myself out of that pit. From our sessions together I have become more driven, focused, patient with myself and feeling infinitely more confident within myself.” Brittany Embury

“At the beginning of my time with Maddison I had some clear goals that I wanted to work on, like being fit and healthy and finding a part time job. I was hoping by working with her I would learn new strategies and have more intrinsic motivation. The unexpected thing was that, with her help I started to become the solution to my own issues. I would describe working with Maddison as gentle guidance and direction to find your own intrinsic solutions. She gives you confidence, reaffirms your worth and value while making you think about different ways of interpreting thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

After our first session together I already felt more confident within myself and empowered about what I could do and by the end of our time together this had only grown along with not being so critical on myself. All I can say is that our time together was empowering, confident boosting and inviting.” Kerryn

“After doing a program with Maddison I’ve found I’m happier, more willing to step out of my comfort zone, I do still have down days but I find it easier to talk myself out of them. The biggest thing I got from the program is being able to rewrite the stories I tell myself, it’s helped me re-focus my thinking, to think more positive and to do more of what I love than stressing over the little things. It’s really helped me focus on making sure I get the most out of my day.” Elisha

“Before I started working with Maddison I was confused and fuzzy on where i wanted to go and how I planned to get there. I knew I needed guidance to create the vision I wanted. Before the first session I was nervous but excited, and afterwards I had a better, clearer vision for my future. I had some tools to use to start taking steps to achieve it as well. The biggest change I have noticed within myself is to recognise the ‘overthinking’ and not buying into it. It’s helped me to be decisive, positive and less afraid.

The experience was empowering and positive, and provided me with the tools I needed to break down my mind and business barriers. It will be a journey for me to continue but I feel confident that I can achieve what I set out to achieve.” Liz Llorente – Group Coaching.

“Before I started working with Maddison I knew what I wanted to achieve and knew what I needed to do to get there, but I needed extra support and a friendly ‘kick up the bum’ in achieving it. I needed a new take on how to achieve my goals + help with tackling my inner obstacles. What I was doing wasn’t working, so I said “why not?” and plus there was this little voice inside me screaming to do this.

Before the first sessions I was nervous not knowing any of the participants, that I might be ‘judged’, or that I wasn’t worthy of being there, but after the first session I knew I was in the perfect place. After the group coaching sessions I know that I can achieve my dreams – and I no longer listen to my negative thoughts. I loved the entire experience and am so proud I said yes. It was life-changing, incredible and worth-it” Julia Psyhogios – Group Coaching.

Hannah McIntosh“When I first contacted Maddison for life coaching I was feeling very overwhelmed with school, work and my social life. Feeling like I didn’t have a balance in my life. As well as struggling with confidence in the academic aspic of my life and not feeling positive about myself, or ‘good enough’. I was really struggling with the goal to be kind to myself and didn’t have the best self-esteem or confidence in my school or decisions I was making.

I felt very nervous going into our first session together but excited to see hat I could achieve working with her. I have noticed from working with Maddison that I actually have more time for everything that I enjoy in my life while also making sure I have time for myself every week. I feel less overwhelmed and more balanced now.Working with Maddison has given me the tools to continually develop the goals I set, along with feeling more positive and balanced in my life. I now feel supported, at peace with myself and positive.” Hannah Macintosh

“From the outside my life looked perfect, I was studying the course of my dreams and a course I loved, and my life contained everything I could wish for. However I felt stressed, rushed, overwhelmed, empty and like I was sleepwalking through a life that wasn’t mine. The biggest thing Maddison helped me to learn was how to balance and organise my life, and understand that it is absolutely okay to enjoy life while studying. She armed me with simple strategies to bring fun and enjoyment back into every day, to balance out my university studies and remove them from being the central and sole focus of my life. I now love myself and my life immensely. Study is now enjoyable and I look forward to it as it is no longer surrounded in stress, anxiety or overwhelm.

At first I was a little nervous as I wasn’t sure what to expect from coaching and I had all these big ideals and visions that I wanted to achieve. Within minutes of my first consult with Maddison any nerves or apprehensions I had were put at ease. She understand entirely where I was coming from and related to my journey the whole way through. Maddison was an amazing coach to work with, so grounded and real in her approach, suggesting actionables I could easily action into everyday life which had immense impact from the get go. I was always very excited and greatly looked forward to my fortnightly sessions with Maddison.

Now I truly love my life. I am grateful to wake up and truly experience the life I live every day, no more zombie sleepwalking through existence. Life is now an achievable stability of fun, adventure, socialising, time to nourish myself, and study, rather than living entirely for university. I am enough. I do enough. I no longer need to tell bullshit excuses to myself, and stand in my own way of living a life I love and achieving my own greatness.” Tahlia Johnston

Daisy Lucas“When we first connected I was just starting my second semester of my second year at university. Overall, I felt unsatisfied with my life. I knew that I had a lot of great things going on and should’ve been feeling blessed, but for some reason I just couldn’t seem to grasp that idea. I never really felt present in the moment. I wanted to feel happier, free, in control of the way I spent my time, and just thrilled to be alive and experiencing the things in my life.

I’ve always been passionate about reaching a higher potential in all areas of my life and really enjoy things that will help me in this, so I knew immediately that I would do the free consultation. However, at first I kind of thought the full session might be a bit too expensive for something that I wasn’t sure would help me.

But in the 30 minutes of my first consultation, Maddison and I just clicked! It really blew my mind how easily she could read my situation and personality and guide me through my struggles, even in such a short time. It was then that I just knew that paying for the full session would be completely worth it.

By the end of the session, I truly felt on top of the world. Maddison helped me sort out what I wanted to prioritize and we thought of ways I could organize my time to create a healthier balance between them. I realized I didn’t have to spend hours on something and neglect others, by simply being mindful of how I felt at certain points of my day, I could be more productive by doing things in that time that would suit my current mood.

Another huge change is that I’m finding time for everything! I never expected that I would be one of those people who would start and finish assignments early, be super organised, and still have a social life, but after my sessions with Maddison it’s all just clicked. I’ve also really learnt not to be so hard on myself when I slip up on something that I’m trying to change. Recognizing that mistakes are a positive learning experience is making it easier to get back on track and practice some self-love, instead of focusing on the mistake and criticizing myself for it.” Daisy Lucas