How to remain positive in a world filled with instant gratification

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This year I declared that it was going to be a year of growth for myself, safe to say I haven’t been disappointed.

What’s sitting high on my dreams and desires board? Moving out, job raises, building my business are some of the keys.

This next period of my life was going to be focused on sowing the seeds, seeds of intentions and desires that when they would become a reality I would reap the rewards.

This meant work, devotion to my craft, putting in the effort, showing up each and every day, knowing that all of my hard work would compound over time till it paid off.


How I’m manifesting my success this year

how I'm manifesting success

This year is looking like a big year of growth not just for my business but also for my personal life. There are a lot of things I am currently manifesting in my life. And I know because you are here too, you are a big dreamer, go-getter who has a list of what she’s working on too.

I also know that the most important thing to helping you manifest your successes, your true desires this year could be the very first thing you let fall to the side. So the way I am focusing and devoting myself to my success this year might surprise you, but it’s taking the best care of me.

At the beginning of this year when I was traipsing around Canada and road tripping through the sites of the Grand Canyon and Yosemite National Park (I know lots of name dropping, but bear with me!) I had a lot of time for quiet contemplation.


7 Thought Patterns that keep you Playing Small


Have you ever been on the cusp of a big dream, ready to take action and then quietly your voice lets you know all the reasons why you shouldn’t do this? Maybe you are at this place right now?

Your mind is trying to keep you playing small. It wants to hold you where it is safe and where you are comfortable. The reality is you aren’t going to get want you want by staying where it’s safe.

It’s time to bust out of your comfort zone and question that inner voice of yours. After all you are here to make a difference and play big in this world.

Let’s bust through the most common thought patterns that keep you playing small.


Ever feel like everyone has their shit together and you’re a mess?


Does it ever feel like everyone around you has totally got their shit together while you have no clue what you are doing? Almost like you are stumbling around in a dark room blind.

You look to your friends on social media and are jealous of how they always have time to see their friends, while you lack the energy or time to fit in a coffee date.

You look at your colleague that strides into work with her gym bag proudly tossed over her shoulder quietly reminding you that she had enough determination to wake up early and exercise. You on the other hand stayed in bed desperate to get moments extra sleep.


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