Manifest Desires

How I’m manifesting my success this year

how I'm manifesting success

This year is looking like a big year of growth not just for my business but also for my personal life. There are a lot of things I am currently manifesting in my life. And I know because you are here too, you are a big dreamer, go-getter who has a list of what she’s working on too.

I also know that the most important thing to helping you manifest your successes, your true desires this year could be the very first thing you let fall to the side. So the way I am focusing and devoting myself to my success this year might surprise you, but it’s taking the best care of me.

At the beginning of this year when I was traipsing around Canada and road tripping through the sites of the Grand Canyon and Yosemite National Park (I know lots of name dropping, but bear with me!) I had a lot of time for quiet contemplation.


You are deserving of your dreams right now


Are you like me and feel that there is a right way to get something and a wrong way?

Believing that if you make a step in the wrong direction the universe will punish you and take away all your hopes and dreams?

It’s a scary thought, one that can stop you in your tracks.

It is one that when you actually stop to look at this thought, if you give it words and write it down you start to laugh.

How is it that one way gives me everything I want and another would give me nothing?

The world doesn’t work like that, and life certainly doesn’t work like that, so why do we believe this?


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